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Show & Tell – Nomads Unite

Show & Tell – Nomads Unite

Nomads Unite invites all to come visit and join the celebration of nomadic life and the freedom that comes with it. The group’s annual field trip to All World Acres in Florida is Feb. 27–March 3.

The last two days of field trip is Show & Tell. There will be workshops about nomadic life and a tiny home show so folks can experience and go inside a variety of homes on wheels from Van Lifers to RVs and Skoolies. Enjoy live music by Thorson Moore and Friends and live fire spinning at night by Merkaba Flow.

Nomads Unite is an all-inclusive group of modern day vagabonds and wanderers who live their lives mostly on the road. They live in skoolies, vans, RVs, cars, and the like. They gather from time to time in person to celebrate and share the lifestyle with other nomads and with people who are interested in nomadic life.

Nomadic life throughout history has generally been for people who have rejected the societal norms for a more free way of living. Nomads Unite’s purpose is to preserve that way of life, share how they live and to oppose gentrification of on road living.

The group understands that not everyone who lives in a vehicle wants to be there. Numerous factors have led to many people and families being forced into living a modern nomadic lifestyle. Those who do choose the lifestyle are here to help those who have been displaced and to educate the general public about why they live life on the road in an effort to dispel myths about modern nomads and create unity between them.


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