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🆘 🤲 Give ’Til It Helps: The Gulf Begins to Recover from Hurricane Beryl

🆘 🤲 Give ’Til It Helps: The Gulf Begins to Recover from Hurricane Beryl

Beryl makes landfall on Jul 8, 2024 –  Sandwich RGB image Via NOAA in the Public Domain

After causing calamitous damage across the Caribbean as a Category 5 storm, record-breaking Hurricane Beryl diminished to Tropical Storm status then regained strength overnight, and hit the Texas Coast in the early hours of July 8 as at Category 1 hurricane.

It’s the second named storm of 2024 and the earliest-forming Cat 5 hurricane on record within a calendar year!

While Hurricane Beryl hit Matagorda County, Texas as a Cat 1,  it fortunately weakened to a Tropical Storm as it headed up Texas and beyond. Even at this strength, however, damage will be considerable. Relief efforts are underway. Over 2 million folks in the Houston area alone are without power, rubble needs clearing, supplies need distributing, and structures will need repairs. Click through the links provided to learn how you can help.


Team Rubicon USA

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led, boots-on-the-ground, hands-on humanitarian operation that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. TR focuses on three areas of impact: Disaster Response, from mitigation to immediate response and recovery; Rebuild, to maintain the fabric of communities through resilient building methods; and International, providing emergent and surge medical services, WASH, and disaster risk reduction. 

Team Rubicon Updates

Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy is a network of volunteers that provides assistance to vulnerable populations impacted by natural disaster. Their Facebook page (linked below) will be the best place to find current information regarding supplies needed (diapers, canned goods, etc.) and real-time urgent needs, for whatever is required to complete their search and rescue efforts.

Cajun Navy Updates

Gulf Coast Rescue Squad

This organization provides search and rescue services for Brazoria County boaters in distress and other water-related occurrences such as recovering drowning victims. GCRS is an all-volunteer organization on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, providing free service to persons in Brazoria County, Texas.

GCRS Updates

East Harris County Empowerment Council

The East Harris County Disaster Needs Assessment is now open. This organization serves as a channel, networking with direct assistance and disaster relief organizations in the Houston area.  They assist folks in crisis by evaluating the level of need, determining the most efficient path to resources, and connecting people with these assets.

EHCTX Updates

Catholic Charities of Galveston-Houston

Catholic Charities is providing limited, short-term financial assistance to Texas families who experienced loss from the storm. Disaster food boxes, cleaning supplies, and water are available while supplies last at locations listed on their website (use above link).

CCGHTX is distributing relief resources at their headquarters, Sat., July 13. Click to learn more.

Their previous efforts during recent year’s Gulf storms have effectively lit up their extensive collaborative networks across many faith communities in the region. Learn more and donate.

CCGHTX Updates

Brazoria County Off-Road Recovery

This volunteer off-road recovery concern is the official community automotive rescue group of Brazoria County. Member supported, BCOR is a Texas Nonprofit, a 501c(3) exempt organization, and does not charge the public for the services it provides. From rescuing vehicles stuck in the sand, mud, water, to helping with dead batteries or transport, BCOR is known across Brazoria County as the good guys that are there to help those in need.

BCOR Updates

Fleet of Angels

Fleet of Angels is an award-winning nonprofit that helps equines in crisis due to natural disasters and other major emergencies. They are currently offering temporary assistance for equines directly affected by Beryl. They help with funds for emergency hay, critical supplies, and vet care.

Fleet of Angels Updates

Crisis Cleanup

Check out this small group of volunteers, only open for large disasters. Crisis Cleanup is a coordination website for relief agencies whose goal is to connect survivors who need help to volunteer groups who can help with basic cleanup such as small tree removal, tarping, muck-out (removing mud, drywall, and debris from a home), hauling debris to the curb, etc.

Crisis Cleanup Updates

Thanks so much for helping in the wake of this record-breaking Gulf storm. Remember, every little bit helps! Do you have a favorite governmental, faith-based, or local and independent relief organization? Please let us know, and send us a note on our Contact Form.               🌊

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