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🎃 Here Lie the Ruins of Forgotten Souls in a Forbidden Spot Down in Texas

🎃 Here Lie the Ruins of Forgotten Souls in a Forbidden Spot Down in Texas

Oh life! Impermanent, transient, a poof, a flash. Nowhere like a cemetery to meditate, nay, come to grips with the shuffle and the mortal coil. Deep South magazine’s Eric Boutin-Bloomberg manages to convey the peace and beauty in the entropy. – Editor

Landmark Seabrook Cemetery is tucked into the scenic Pine Gully Park, which is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Flanked on one side by a gravel walking path that follows a bayou draining into Galveston Bay and on the other by Pine Gully Road, the cemetery sits within a picturesque park filled with bayous, alligators, and migratory birds that would make Jonathan Franzen smile.

The cemetery itself feels very intimate, and perhaps even a bit eerie. By and large, the plots and tombstones are fairly understated, mostly small and with minimal script carved into them. Even the arrangement of the graves themselves seems arbitrary and unaligned.

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