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πŸŽƒ I Want to Come Back: Interview with a New Orleans Psychic

πŸŽƒ I Want to Come Back: Interview with a New Orleans Psychic

Spiritual medium, Photo courtesy of Juliet Pazera

Welcome to spooky season and 13 days until Halloween. This week, Go! Gulf States will head to New Orleans to share an interview with … well, not a vampire, but a spiritual medium, to Galveston for an Arrrrrr! and a Boo!, and across the five Gulf states to tally candy. Audio link enclosed. Ooooh, scary! – Editor

β€œNew Orleans has such a fascinating history, the mix of different cultures and different people. It’s very open and receptive to spirituality and to anything having to do with the psychic arts.” – spiritual medium, Juliet Pazera

After dark, the city skews toward the spiritual, and it always has. Otherworldly explorations have long been a part of New Orleans’ history. In March of 2017,  the Hermann-Grima House teamed up with the Tennessee Williams Festival to look into this fascinating aspect of New Orleans lore. As part of their investigation, they have invited a local spiritual medium to lead a Victorian-style sΓ©ance at this historic home in the French Quarter.

With Halloween approaching, Via NOLA Vie revisited an interview between journalist Renee Peck and spiritual medium Juliet Pazera.

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Renee Pack, Via NOLA Vie

ViaNOLAVie is an innovative non-profit/academic partnership between NolaVie and Tulane University. It serves as an online digital archive with a focus on education and mentoring emerging writers. Editor Renee Peck worked for 32 years as a feature editor and writer at The Times-Picayune. Her "Big Easy Living" column for NolaVie explores the way we live in this always-entertaining but sometimes uneasy city.

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