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💀 How a Designer Finds Beauty & Meaning in a Cosplay Mashup

💀 How a Designer Finds Beauty & Meaning in a Cosplay Mashup

Writer Elisa Garcia’s 2021 compelling interview with cosplay designer Momo Naberrie touches upon many of the questions around how best to honor self-expression as well as tradition via the art of La Catrina. We revisit the story as this year’s Dia de Los Muertos approaches.  – Editor

HARLINGEN, TX – Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Mexican cosplayer Momo Naberrie introduced her cosplay account on Instagram on Star Wars Day, May 4, 2020, wearing a Jedi outfit and carrying a blue lightsaber.

“I was a little bit afraid to [share those costumes]. Because in my mind, people will have two reactions. People love it, or people hate it,” Momo said. Exactly one year after launching her Instagram, Momo’s presence has grown to 3,017 followers and counting. The cosplayer continues to create and share Star Wars-related content. One piece of content stands out against the rest: Momo’s La Catrina Amidala costumes.

The La Catrina Amidala costumes are a combination of traditional Queen Amidala clothing from the Star Wars Prequels (Episodes I-III), paired with the striking and unique makeup of La Catrina, a symbol of Dia de Los Muertos of the tall female skeleton wearing a fancy hat with feathers.

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