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Everything You Need to Know About Louisiana’s Popular Laura Plantation

Everything You Need to Know About Louisiana’s Popular Laura Plantation

The story-rich experience at Laura Plantation makes it one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Louisiana’s historic Mississippi River Road. The plantation’s tours focus on the unique “Creole culture” of 19th century Louisiana as described in the memoirs of Laura Lacoul Gore, the last of four generations of the family who owned Laura Plantation. The tours and Laura’s memoirs deliver a compelling and dramatic look inside 100 years of life on this Louisiana sugar plantation.

Visitors may deepen this Laura Plantation experience through a book of photos and essays, Laura Plantation–Images and Impressions, which offers a fresh, poetic vision from the pen and lens of Louisiana writer and photographer, William Guion. The travel-sized book is a perfect souvenir or gift for new and repeat guests. Copies of the hard-cover book are available through the Laura Plantations gift shop or website.

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The story of slavery is inextricably linked to the history of Creole Louisiana. When Laura Plantation opened to the public in 1994, it became the first plantation on the River Road to candidly discuss slavery in each and every guided tour, including the names and personal stories of Nina (a cook), Henriette (a housemaid), Anna (Laura's nurse), and Pa Philippe (a field hand).

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