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Meet Baton Rouge’s Maker Community

Meet Baton Rouge’s Maker Community

 Antoine “Ghost” Mitchell, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, photo by Karen LeBlanc

My fascination, respect, and appreciation for all things handmade began in my hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  As the capital city of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is the largest anchoring “Cajunland” and offers a fascinating melange of academic, cultural, and political influences. The Mississippi River borders the city as a muse throughout history for creative expression in all its forms—art, craft, food, literature and music.

To understand Louisiana art and craft is to appreciate its visceral expressions of place, history, heritage, and culture.  As I travel the world telling stories of people making things with hand and heart, my passion for handicrafts leads full circle back to the city that planted the seeds for my work as a design journalist.

Wherever I go, my aim is the same as a DesignTourist— to keep craft alive by showcasing the talents, skills, and traditions of makers, so let’s explore the creative soul of Baton Rouge by meeting its thriving community of artists and craftspeople.

A visit to The Baton Rouge Arts Market held on the first Saturday of each month puts you in the creative heart of this city.  The outdoor market in downtown Baton Rouge takes place from 8 am to noon at 5th and Main streets and alongside the Red Stick Farmers Market.

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Karen LeBlanc, The Design Tourist

Lifestyle and travel journalist Karen LeBlanc covers art, architecture, beauty, design, fashion, home decor, health and wellness, and travel. She interviews with trendsetters, tastemakers, and creative professionals, including authors, artists, artisans, designers, and makers and shares her travels as The Design Tourist exploring destinations through their heritage of craft and creativity.

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