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Road Trip Nostalgia With Stephanie Stuckey

Road Trip Nostalgia With Stephanie Stuckey

Stuckey’s reemergence on I-10 along the Gulf Coast mirrors what’s happening with the brand across the country. We’re excited to have Stephanie Stuckey and the Stuckey’s Pecan Blog Roll as one of our first content collaborators. Keep an eye out for her roadtrip adventures across the Gulf.                           – Editor

“Relax, Refresh, Refuel,” the billboards read. The slanted red-and-yellow script font signaled an oasis for cramped legs, restless children, and hungry drivers. It signaled clean bathrooms, a place to fuel up, and a treasure trove of delicious candy (do the words “Pecan Log Roll” ring any bells?) and even nuttier souvenirs.

Stephanie Stuckey’s grandfather founded Stuckey’s in 1937 from a shack, slinging pecans, and he built it into a shiny chain of 300+ stores. After the company was tossed and tarnished by multiple sets of hands, Stephanie seized the opportunity to buy it back. In what could absolutely be called the coolest comeback story the South’s seen in decades, this lawyer-turned-CEO is reviving the nostalgia, comfort, and wonder of the great American road trip one Pecan Log Roll at a time.

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Stuckey’s Pecan Blog Roll

With a growing list of convenient stops along the highway, Stuckey's is back in a big way, and so are their beloved Pecan Log Rolls. Look to the Stuckey's Pecan Blog Roll to guide you through memories of road trips and inspire you to create new ones. "Relax, Refresh, & Refuel…" Visit them today!

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