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🎉 New Year, New You: How a Side Hustle Made Me a Better Employee

🎉 New Year, New You: How a Side Hustle Made Me a Better Employee

GGS collaborator and friend Christine Ruiz Hopkins is about as multi-hyphenate as a Galveston writer can get. Hustle, for her, has always been “on-brand.” What you might not know about her is that in addition to covering the culture and events of the area for so many different local media outlets and prominent hospitality groups, is that she’s not only a wine buff, but also a concierge of the grape. Read and click through to learn more about how she came to juggle words and wine!   – Editor

Have you ever had those days when your daily tasks became mundane? For me, it was responding to hundreds of guest reviews for three hotels, a spa, and a restaurant and creating content for seven different Facebook pages and three Instagram accounts. After years of doing the same projects every week, it was time for a positive outlet or distraction, so I jumped into a side gig.

When you work a side hustle, through direct selling, social selling, and multi-level marketing or whatever you want to call it, these companies provide many resources, training, and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals. The great thing is that you can implement these skills into your day job.

My marketing communications job gave me a lot of speaking skills and presentation skills. But I’m innately shy, so empowering me to set and reach my business goals has allowed me to grow further. And, of course, when it’s your business and you’re in control, it’s entirely different.

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About The Source

Christine Ruiz Hopkins

Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, this friendly B.O.I. (Born on the Island) is a well-known local island tourism pro, content maven, and wine consultant. Recently she and longtime friend, Heidi Lutz co-authored the book ‘101 Things to Do in Galveston Before You Die,‘ published by Reedy Press.

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