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⚜️ 5 Ways to Make Better Bad Mardi Gras Decisions

⚜️ 5 Ways to Make Better Bad Mardi Gras Decisions

Our friends at Via NOLA Vie know how much we all need to hear this over and over. And they should know; they have a lot of experience surviving the season. Here, they offer a few tips to consider when striving to keep the brain sane and the body not shoddy during the marathon/sprint known as Mardi Gras.  – Editor

Mardi Gras is near, which means it’s time for cheer, beer, and that neutral ground spot we hold so dear. But does that mean Fat Tuesday should literally live up to its name? Here’s what Nolan Ferraro has to say:

During Carnival, we often tend to fill up our stomachs as much as our bead bags. Between the non-stop revelry of parties and parades, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet and fitness plan. So what can you do? You can let it all hang out, or you can put a few reasonable strategies in place to keep yourself from embodying the “Fat” in Tuesday. Realistically, you’re going to make some not-so-healthy decisions, so here are five ways to make better bad Carnival choices:

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