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🎅🏽 Fascinating Ways That Holidays in New Orleans Are a Little Different

🎅🏽 Fascinating Ways That Holidays in New Orleans Are a Little Different

Be sure to click through to the original essay to more photos and a sound file narrated by the author. Highly, highly recommend listening to the sound file as you read along with another great think/laugh piece by Renee Pack! Happiest of the holiday season to all y’all… and especially to you idiosyncratic New Orleaneans  – Editor

If you live in New Orleans, or you’re visiting the city, you’ve probably noticed that the holidays look a little different around here. For one thing, the climate isn’t conducive to ugly Christmas sweaters — our shoppers are more apt to be wearing shorts and t-shirts. And our ho ho ho signs more apt to be spelled H-e-a-u-x!

In New Orleans, tradition can be  a little idiosyncratic. Here are seven ways that holiday time in the Big Easy looks different from just about any place else.

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About The Source

Renee Pack, Via NOLA Vie

ViaNOLAVie is an innovative non-profit/academic partnership between NolaVie and Tulane University. It serves as an online digital archive with a focus on education and mentoring emerging writers. Editor Renee Peck worked for 32 years as a feature editor and writer at The Times-Picayune. Her "Big Easy Living" column for NolaVie explores the way we live in this always-entertaining but sometimes uneasy city.

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