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Illuminating Our Shoreline: Lighthouses in Coastal Mississippi

Illuminating Our Shoreline: Lighthouses in Coastal Mississippi

Coastal Mississippi’s lighthouses have represented safety, resilience, and hope for hundreds of years, providing a vital beacon of light for ships and boats at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. On land, visitors can enjoy the quiet comfort and picturesque coastal vistas that these lighthouses offer year-round, and even climb to the top of some of the oldest in the region for a bird’s-eye view from the lantern room.

Take a road trip across The Secret Coast to discover some of these beautiful, historic structures that stand tall and proud along our 62 miles of scenic shoreline.

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Coastal Mississippi

Welcome to Coastal Mississippi: The Secret Coast. Here, you’ll be met with warm welcomes and 62 miles of scenic shoreline dotted by unique coastal communities. You can expect excitement and relaxation in equal measure, with plenty of room to roam.

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